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3/24/2021 - I hope you like The Rolling Stones! I'm always working on something. Check back and be safe!

3/12/2021 - This is an update. I don't think anybody really reads these anyway so I don't have anything clever to say today. Not sure what I'll be working on next but I am trying for you guys. Stay safe out there. Much love!

2/18/2021 - Be sure to check out my cover of Juice WRLD’s Lucid Dreams on YouTube. I would appreciate some encouragement so like and/or comment if you feel inclined. Sheet music is available, however it is not the arrangement that I used for the cover. It should be similar though. Another update soon - stay safe!

2/17/2021 - Sorry there hasn’t been an update in so long. I actually didn’t realize it’s been a whole month. I have some new obligations in my life and unfortunately updates won’t be as frequent. I will certainly be able to do better than once a month though. Here are some fresh sheets. I’ve also uploaded a tutorial for Cruel World by Lana Del Rey on YouTube. I have more sheets in the works as well as some more tutorial videos. You can still submit your requests. I’ll see you soon!

1/17/2021 - Holy shit guys… we just hit 1,000 SHEETS on the sheets page! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been kind enough to contribute whatever they could to make this milestone a reality. Here’s to a thousand more! I will be working on Synthesia videos next as well as some design work so there probably won’t be an update with new sheets for about a week or so. That could always change, especially if someone hits me up for requests. You stay classy, San Diego.

1/15/2021 - Here are some fresh sheets. I am going to try and post another update tomorrow. Cheers!

1/13/2021 - Sorry there hasn't been an update in a while - I've been preoccupied with other activities but I will refocus my attention. Anyway, here are some new sheets from The Greatest Showman. I’ve got some other sheets that are just about ready and will post an update with those in a few days. We are nearing a thousand sheets on the sheets page. How crazy is that? We will have to celebrate! If you have any requests, hit me up. See you guys soon.

12/31/2020 - Well, this shitty year is finally over! Rejoice! I sincerely hope that 2021 brings you good health, peace, and joy! And lots of free sheet music. I love you guys - stay safe out there!

12/26/2020 - I really hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! I will leave the holiday sheets up until the beginning of January since there are still a few songs, like Auld Lang Syne, that could still be relevant. Not sure when the next update will be but there will most definitely be one before the new year. Happy playing!

12/25/2020 - Time kind of got away from me today so there won’t be an update until tomorrow. I wanted to come on and wish everyone a Merry Christmas though! I hope Santa brought you something nice. Stay safe - see you soon!

12/23/2020 - I hope everyone is having a good week so far. Here are some fulfilled requests. Hit me up if you'd like to get your requests in. Please stay safe out there! I will try to post another update on Christmas.

12/19/2020 - Here are some fresh sheets, mainly requests, as well as some updates to a few existing sheets that had some formatting issues. I have been working on Synthesia tutorial videos to accompany some of the arrangements on the site. You can find them on my YouTube channel. I would really appreciate some support so please check out the videos, like, comment and/or subscribe if you find them helpful. Much more to come on that front. Stay safe!

12/13/2020 - I'm tired after working on this update so I can't find anything clever to say. Sorry about it. I'll be back later in the week. Feel free to hit me up for requests if you feel so inclined. Stay safe out there!

12/11/2020 - I'm back and somewhat refreshed! Here are some requests from the past week and a couple of other random sheets. A larger update is in the works for tomorrow or Sunday. See you soon. Happy Hanukkah!

12/5/2020 - Unless someone requests a holiday tune that isn’t already in the collection, this will be the last Christmas update. Naturally, I will leave all of the Christmas sheets up and they will stay where they are until at least the beginning of January. So please enjoy the huge, high quality collection of Christmas sheets that I have amassed for you. I am quite proud of how it turned out. I will be taking a brief hiatus, perhaps to learn a few of these songs myself, but will be back sometime next week with some fresh new sheets. Cheers!

12/3/2020 - I have just added four new books to the collection of Christmas music on the books page so be sure to check them out. Another update soon. Be safe!

12/1/2020 - Welcome to December - the month of joy, happiness and to finish what you started. Full disclosure, I totally just stole that from the first thing that popped up on google images. This is a bit of a hybrid update, if you will... I had to add in some other sheets because if I keep focusing on Christmas music alone I will surely go mad from too much festive cheer. Seriously though, I had to mix it up a bit. Expect a similar format for the next update which I will try to post in a few days. Hit me up for requests. Stay safe and please stay home if you can. Happy playing!

11/26/2020 - I hope my fellow American friends had a nice Thanksgiving today, even if it was a bit strange due to the pandemic. I’ve added some more holiday sheets and have listed them below. I’m just now realizing I may have gone a little overboard with this collection… according to my calculation this makes 226 Christmas-themed sheets and counting. No wonder I’m so exhausted. The more the merrier though, right? I’m thinking one more update and this collection will be complete. Don’t despair though - if I missed a song you were looking for let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Please stay safe out there and I’ll see you guys soon!

11/20/2020 - I have added 37 new sheets to the Christmas section. The sheets labeled with the Reader's Digest tag are from The Reader's Digest Merry Christmas Songbook. I serendipitously stumbled upon this book in PDF format and immediately recognized some of the arrangements. When I was much younger, this was the go-to book my piano teacher would make photocopies from around Christmastime. So from personal experience, I know that these are fun and solid arrangements good for students and teachers alike. I thought it was kind of cool that I came across this book again so I wanted to share that little side note with you guys. It would be too much work for me to go through and clean up all 252 pages of the book, as the quality is quite spotty in parts, but I will do my best to add a few more songs from the book in future updates. Expect to hear from me again in a few days. Please stay safe!

11/19/2020 - A fairly large addition to the collection of holiday tunes will be added tomorrow. Stay tuned and get pumped!

11/17/2020 - Forgive me for the randomness of this little late night update but I wanted to get this fresh Billie Eilish song out as an exclusive. Can you hear the air horns blaring? Tell your friends. Keep the requests coming, I love hearing from you guys. Peace!

11/16/2020 - Yay, more Christmas songs. So many Christmas songs. So much cheer. Too much cheer. I'm clearly delirious at this point so I'm going to take a much needed little break. Feel free to hit me up for requests if you have any though. I'll see you guys in a few days - please stay safe!

11/14/2020 - I have reformatted the Christmas update so that it is now organized alphabetically by song title. It should be much easier to navigate - check it out. I've also added a few new sheets. I’ll try for another update tomorrow. Stay safe!

11/13/2020 - A few more holiday-themed sheets have been added as promised along with a new book. More to come soon.

11/12/2020 - Those of you who follow me on this site know that I have been dragging my feet on this, but you don't have to wait a minute longer. The super-spectacular Christmas-themed update is here and it's full of cheer. I had to sneak in a corny holiday rhyme somewhere, okay? I'm not going to list all of the songs here on the main page because it would be too long, but I will post a link to the update below. At this point I am a little tired of seeing and working with Christmas songs, probably because it’s early November, but I still have some work left to do. There are several songs that I haven't finished processing yet and I will try to add them in pieces over the next few days. So yeah, there you have it. I’ll see you guys soon - happy playing!

11/11/2020 - The Holiday update has been postponed until tomorrow due to a few technical issues that have since been resolved. See you soon. Also, happy Veterans Day! Those who live in freedom will always be grateful to those who helped preserve it.

11/8/2020 - Please forgive me as I was a bit distracted with the election... The Christmas update will be another day or two. It's going to be spectacular though - stay tuned!

11/1/2020 - Learning new songs on the piano is one of the few activities in my life where I can truly escape and emerge myself into something positive. That is one of the reasons why I believe this site is so important, now more than ever. I know things have been incredibly difficult with the pandemic raging so I just wanted to say this to my brothers and sisters in the United States: Keep your head up. You matter. Your voice matters. Your vote matters. I know things have been absolutely crazy, but they don’t have to stay that way. You have the power to effect change. I came here for that little PSA, but I didn’t want to come empty handed. This will be the last update until the huge, spectacular Christmas update. Expect that sometime late in the week. As always, feel free to contact me if you have any requests or if you just feel like reaching out. Stay safe and please, for the love of god, vote!

10/28/2020 - I decided to capitalize on the renewed interest in Fleetwood Mac and have uploaded an instrumental piano cover of Dreams. Be sure to check it out - it's good! Also, here is a very random single sheet.

10/21/2020 - Since Fleetwood Mac is suddenly cool again I wanted to get out this random update that contains Dreams. I'm still working on Christmas but need some more time. Will have another update as soon as I can.

10/16/2020 - Hello there! I went on a little detour because I wanted to pay homage to a legend in the music industry: Eddie Van Halen. As a result of his passing last week, I decided to put together a small collection of Van Halen songs. I didn't realize how many memorable and iconic songs they have in their discography - I tried to get as many as I could for this update. I can't think of a better way to honor someone than to learn their songs on the piano. RIP Eddie. Have a nice weekend everyone - I am doing Christmas next, I swear.

10/9/2020 - As usual, I spent a little more time than I intended to on this Halloween update but I was able to put together a nice and decent-sized collection. Listed below are all of the new sheets that have been added to the sheets page. In addition to these, I have also found several spooky themes and tunes from movies and television and have made a new section for them on the books & themes page. Check it out! Next, I am going to try and focus on getting a jump on some Christmas sheets. If you have any requests let me know. I'll see you soon - happy playing!

10/3/2020 - So somehow I totally forgot that Halloween was a thing. I'm not going to go too crazy but that will be my focus for the next few days. Here's a very small sampling of the spooky sheets - more to come. Please bear with me and remember I am only one person. If you have a little extra cash and feel like donating I would be grateful. Thank you!

10/1/2020 - My internet was out last night so here's the update that I wanted to get up yesterday. Now that it's October I think I'm going to get some holiday themed sheets ready for the next update. I realize people sometimes need some extra time to learn a particular piece so I think now is probably the time to tackle this endeavour. I'll have some Mariah Carey Christmas songs, songs by Vince Guaraldi from A Charlie Brown Christmas, and plenty of traditional holiday songs. This might take me several days, but you can expect it to be a fairly large update. Stay tuned!

9/29/2020 - I took a bit of a break for a few days. Expect an update tomorrow night though. See you soon.

9/23/2020 - New sheets added. I'll see you again in a few days. Enjoy.

9/19/2020 - Here are a few requests and a couple of other random sheets. I'm always working on something so stay tuned. Also, RIP RBG - you will be dearly missed.

9/16/2020 - New sheets added. I will try and have another update for you in a few days.

9/15/2020 - Here's the Lady Gaga book I've been working on. Normally I would include the singles along with the book but I don't have them ready quite yet so you'll have to check back. I have a few other things in the works as well. An update in all likelihood tomorrow.

9/14/2020 - Here we go. I wanted to include a Lady Gaga book with this update but I ran out of time. So you can expect that tomorrow with a couple of other random sheets. I will see you guys soon - happy playing.

9/12/2020 - I haven't forgotten about you guys - in fact I've got a fairly large update in the works. I am going to do my best to have it ready by tomorrow night. If for some reason I can't make the deadline that I just arbitrarily set for myself, I will have it up for sure by Monday afternoon. See you soon!

9/6/2020 - Hello! Here's the update - it's a little larger than I anticipated but the bigger the better, right? Going to do some graphic design and promotional stuff for the site for the next few days so there probably won't be another update until late in the week. Check back. Submit your requests here.

9/5/2020 - I hope everyone is having a nice holiday weekend. If you plan on attending any gatherings please stay safe and mask up! I have an update in the works and will have it posted tomorrow. See you soon.

8/31/2020 - This is usually where I try to come up with something clever to say but working on this update all day has me a little brain dead. I'm going to take a break for a few days, so I'll see you guys later on in the week. Enjoy the update!

8/30/2020 - I bit off a little more than I could chew with this update so here's a little taste to tide you over. I will have the rest of this gargantuan update ready for tomorrow - sorry for the delay.

8/29/2020 - This is me teasing another gigantic update... quite possibly larger than last Sunday's, which would make it the biggest one yet. It wouldn't be a tease unless you had to wait though, so check back tomorrow night. There should be a little something in there for everyone! If anyone has any requests don't hesitate to ask. See you soon!

8/27/2020 - Here's another fairly large update... I've been on a roll! Check it out. I'll see you again in a few days.

8/23/2020 - Here it is... the biggest update since the site's launch. Nearly all of the sheets contained in this update are of impeccable quality. My ultimate goal with this website is to make high quality sheet music available to everyone, and I am very proud of the fact that the sheets on this website are all of very high quality. I will continue to try to live up to that standard. I will have another update of some size in a few days. If you like what I do, please consider donating. Thank you!

8/22/2020 - I've been working on a huge update. I was hoping to have it ready to go by this evening but I'm going to need a little more time. So, make sure you check back tomorrow for a big Sunday sheets dump!

8/18/2020 - Here's a few requests and some other random sheets I've been working on. Submit your requests! Will have another update in a couple of days.

8/16/2020 - What sheet music site would be complete without some Billy Joel? There are so many Billy Joel songs and I'm only one person so if you are disappointed that I missed the song you were looking for hit me up and we'll work it out. Will have another update tomorrow.

8/15/2020 - I took a longer break than anticipated... actually it wasn't much of a break at all. I spent the last several days working on Fiona Apple's Tidal song book. There is a lack of quality Fiona Apple sheet music on the internet so I decided to change that. I took the version that has been floating around for years and ran it through A.I. (technology is crazy) and then I went through and edited each page by hand. I straightened where necessary, filled in missing notes, bar lines, and chord diagrams and removed the annoying shadows from the pages. The end result turned out pretty amazing considering the source - check it out! Will have another update tomorrow or the next day.

8/9/2020 - Here's a large update consisting of several books and 30 sheets. After working on this all weekend, I'm a little burnt out on sheet music so I might take the day off tomorrow. You can expect an update of some size on Tuesday or Wednesday. Enjoy!

8/7/2020 - Happy Friday! Fresh sheets added - more in the works. Will have another update sometime this weekend.

8/6/2020 - I've been working tirelessly on this update all day long. Enjoy it. One of my goals is to have the sheets to every Billie Eilish song on this site - with today's update we are yet another step closer! I'm still working on gaining some traction for this site, so If you've found it useful in some way please spread the word. What do you want me to work on next? Submit your requests. I will try and have another update tomorrow.

8/4/2020 - I added several songs from Hamilton: An American Musical and made a new section for them on the books page - check it out if you're interested. Blinding Lights by The Weeknd has also been added to the sheets page.

8/2/2020 - New sheets and a book added. Will probably have another update tomorrow. Check back!

8/1/2020 - This took a lot more time than I had anticipated but here it is:

7/29/2020 - New sheets added. MEGA.nz will now be the go-to file hoster for the site. Please use the MEGA links whenever possible. More sheets will be added tomorrow.

7/28/2020 - New sheets added. Also, be sure to check out my piano cover of "Bad at Love" by Halsey. It only took me 9 years to add a new video! More to come in the future. I have a ton of sheets in the works, including more songs by Halsey - expect an update in a few days. Submit your requests here.

7/26/2020 - Here we go! After a lot of dedication and monotonous hard work the website is up and running. Make sure you check out the sheets page as well as the books page. More sheets are on the way - I will do my best to have an update every few days. Be sure to check back and tell your friends about the site! If you have any requests e-mail me.

7/18/2020 - Website is coming right along. Been busy editing sheets for the new launch. Website should be up in some capacity in the next week. Check back!

7/10/2020 - After more than a decade, I have decided that it was time to breathe new life into an old, but beloved, project - my free sheet music website freesheets.org. Unfortunately, the old domain name is long gone. It is something I regret losing to this day - it also doesn't help that the domain name is now worth a small fortune, but I digress. I have, however, come to actually quite like the new name. I expect the website to be functioning to some degree within a week, and if all goes to plan it should be fully functioning by the beginning of August.